Thursday, 23 August 2007

I'm back...

Well, the holiday went by in a flash and I don't have a tic nor do I gibber manically. We had a flood in the kitchen, set a car engine on fire and ducked the first few times Stealth bombers from Anglesey buzzed the house. We ate, drank and laughed. Two of us cried. Others stormed in and out in Prima Donna Tizzies and the male youth of the household dressed up in fatigues and balaclavas and hunted each other through the dark undergrowth with BB guns and fearsomely realistic AK47 replicas. Why do boys do that?

In the second week the boys were replaced by my small nieces so out with the fatigues and in with the pink rucksacks and little fluffy kittens. My son stormed out in a PDT and sulked as they were the centre of attention. The sun shone, we got to the beach. More friends arrived and went skinny-dipping in the Blue Lake, the mad fools. I enjoyed seeing everyone but it will be another couple of years before I organise all that again.

So, we stagger home to arrive late Saturday night and fall into bed. The next day I got ready to go to Edinburgh. Was drying my hair and poked myself in the eye. Huge blood blister on the white of the eye so off to the A & E, where they assured me that it would all clear up in time and I was safe to fly so off I went. I'm pleased to say it doesn't hurt though people did reel back a bit when they saw it. Now I look like I've been testing G-forces in Stealth bombers, 'cherry-eye' being an occupational hazard of such activity.

Finally got up to Edinburgh and stayed at the Frederick House Hotel, (thank you Lianne for that recommendation). Did the Metlab Industry event which proposed that writers should think in a more business-like way if they want to sell their work. It was well-received and was a timely reminder that anyone wishing to write successfully should park their egos at the door and listen to good advice and criticism from their peers.
Excellent films. I saw Warchild, Sparkle and Death Proof which was rather cool as one of the lead actresses, Zoe Bell answered questions after the film and was funny and down-to-earth. I shall review Death Proof on Smell of Napalm in due course and Warchild too if I get half a chance.

After all that I need another holiday so I am staying at home for the next few days, chilling with my boy. Possible collaboration with my lovely illustrator Jason on the cards, a rewrite of Penny Dreadful (Neal Street and Summit passed on it but gave good feedback), and thinking up a low-budget project for the next Metlab. Thanking you.


Lianne said...

Welcome back! Hope you liked Frederick House - it's a great location. Now I wish I had gone to the festival. Ah well.

As you seem to be in the know about this, is there a deadline for submitting an outline to Metlab?

Lianne said...

Oh, and you're tagged:

Elinor said...

Hello Lianne! Thanks for tagging me, I'll have to give that some thought.
Yes you should definitely come next year. We should get a few of us, Lucy included and rent an apartment.