Tuesday, 28 August 2007

The Summer hols

Yes, darling ones, they're nearly over. As far as I'm concerned, the holidays aren't long enough for me, but I can say that can't I? I work from home and fit it in around Jordan. What I'd be doing for his care if I worked outside the home would be quite another matter, oh yes. So I count myself lucky. When I do need to go out I get in Jordan's nice PA Tom who is also 16. The lads grew up together and get on extremely well. T'other evening, I was heading out the door when I heard Jordan say "now Tom, tell me what you think about girls and bikinis..."
I closed the door thinking there are some questions that only another bloke can answer.

In other news, I have sent an extract of my novel to the esteemed Lucy Vee at bang2write for her critique. She tells me that she only gets 5 or 6 novels a year and quite frankly she could do with more. I am more than happy, nay delighted, to advertise this fact here. Thanking you.

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