Thursday, 18 October 2007

A mad social whirl...

Oh my dears, what a week it's been.
The lovely people at My Visual Pitch are cracking on with...well, my visual pitch! Meanwhile the lovely illustrator Jason Poley (check the link on the right) is concocting a trailer for the next draft of Penny Dreadful. I say next because the draft that is a quarter-finalist in the Expo didn't go any further. That's alright...I didn't want to go to LA or get given 20000 dollars. Oh no.
I went for lunch with Lucy (bang2write) and Lianne (Light and Shade) and a jolly time was had by all! Yesterday I had lunch with Kris, an old Metlab mate and now a script reader for a film company. We are reading each other's scripts and giving feedback. All very useful stuff. Then I went to collect publicity material from Metlab and nearly broke my arm carrying it all back! Where is Sister Mary Carlsberg when you need her?
Tomorrow I have an interview with a t-shirt company for scripts for viral advertising, whatever that is.

All I can say is - it's half-term next week, yippee! The boy and I will be watching films and chilling out. What will you be up to?


Lianne said...

Lovely to see you again the other day!

Hope you enjoy half-term. Chilling out watching films sounds lovely! I'm temping again next week - no longer a lady who lunches! Also, have a shed-load of scripts on their way to me as well apparently so that won't leave much time for anything else.

Elinor said...

You too m'dear.

When I say chilling out watching films what I really mean is it might be Little Miss Sunshine or it might be Piglet's Big Movie,,,aaargh! The boy is nothing if not eclectic in his tastes.

Happy reading.

Near by said...

all good stuff Elinor!
will we actually be able to see your visual pitch online then?

Elinor said...

You certainly will my dear!