Monday, 11 February 2008


As I embark upon a rewrite of the treatment for my script, I have to admit I'm rather enjoying the process.
Writing with extensive feedback is much easier than struggling with a spec where you're not quite sure where to take it next.
I'm still adhering to the Chris Soth mini-movie method in that I have headers of what needs to be achieved in each mini-movie and I stick to it. That seems to work too. Good heavens! Have I just established a coherent work method for myself?


Chip Smith said...

I must say you look very fetching with your leg warmers there...

Working method - I'm in search of one of these! Gimme gimme gimme!

I'm about a third of way through my next draft and am just about to hit the point when I want to throw the PC out the window.

If you want to trade reads, let me know! Martin read my last draft and criticised it for the lack of nipple tassles, which I thought was a bit harsh...

Elinor said...

Why thank you, Chip dear.

Don't chuck the PC out of the window, read Chris Soth's e-book for a bit (available as a download), come away from the script for a bit and do some reading. You've got time.

I shall e-mail my last treatment, if you would give it a good kicking, I'd be obliged.

Nipple tassles!!? Exactly what sort of script does Martin think you're writing?