Monday, 3 March 2008

Mother Superior's Day

Yes, darling ones, here at the Convent of Eternal Armament (awaiting ratification from Her Holiness Pope RuPaul), we like to honour all secular occasions.
Thus it was that yesterday I received a copy of Elizabeth: The Golden Age and a CD of Jackie which Nuns of a certain age, ahem, will remember from the seventies. My seventeen year old son watched in disbelief as I reminisced at some length about the Cathy and Claire problem page - 'I'm in love with David Cassidy, please don't tell me it's a phase', gasped at pictures of David Essex, Donny Osmond and Rod Stewart (They all looked so young!) and listened to the Rubettes. He finally had to leave the room in embarrassment with only my box of Belgian chocolates to sustain him (which he'd given me!).

I'm sad to say that The Golden Age wasn't a patch on the first. Way too expositional and with hardly any of the power and intrigue of the first film. Samantha Morton was very good and stole the scenes she was in.


Lucy V said...

Glad you had such a marvellous time. I went to Weymouth Sea Life Centre with my kidz, then on to Harry Ramsden's to eat said fish we'd just watched swimming merrily about, oh yes.

Near by said...

Oooh I remember Jackie!

Ours is on a different day here. Hmm

Elinor said...

When I think of the happy years I spent chasing the little 'uns round the sea life centre! "Jordan, put that manta ray BACK in the water!"

FA, I knew you would!