Friday, 7 March 2008

Oh my dears...

...thank heaven for the weekend! I have been out upon the gad this past week and woke up this morning feeling a tad dyspeptic. A feeling which did not dissipate despite a trawl through Peckham's finest shoe emporiums in search of Homer Simpson slippers (Don't even ask).

So, I have seen Look At Me, The Other Boleyn Girl and We Are Together. All reviews posted on The Smell Of Napalm. I also went to supper at Ishbilia in William Street. Yummy Lebanese cuisine!

Have a great weekend.


Lucy V said...

Would this be the Lebanese restaurant you led us a merry dance looking for that someone mysteriously moved about a year ago????

Elinor said... But I promise to take you to El Maroush next time you're up here.