Tuesday, 1 April 2008

I am Metlab's bitch (well nearly)

Yes my darlings, another deadline, another draft of JUST DESSERTS almost ready to be sent to Sister Lucy Bang2write for a good savaging. After that it's go go go on three shorts for the BSSC. JUSTIN HUSTLIN is gearing itself up. MY VISUAL PITCH have asked me to do a piece to camera about them to be posted on their site. My lamé wimple and dark glasses will be worn for the occasion.

What have you got planned?


Near by said...

ooo can't wait Elinor!

It seem all-go all over right now. Not bad. Not bad at all.

Elinor said...

Yes, I'm always happy when things get moving FA.

Unknown said...

Very exciting.

Elinor said...

Not enough hours in the day, Helen!

Queen Elizabeth III said...

And, she's featured over on My Visual Pitch .com with her very cool "Penny Dreadful" right now. It's paired with Lucy's "Eclipse," which makes for great viewing, especially here where it's raining.

We're crossing our fingers for you, Elinor. Please let us know what happens so we can brag about you in the next newsletter.

Pamela at My Visual Pitch .com

Elinor said...

Oh your majesty! Welcome to my humble blog!

Seriously though, thanks you guys, fabulous to see the pitch up there again with Lucy's.

Be in touch,