Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Oh my dears...'s just one mad social whirl here at the Convent of Eternal Armament (Peckham division).

Tomorrow I have a meeting to discuss production of a three minute animated short for Justin Hustlin then it's on to the Apollo Lower Regent Street for The London Sci-fi Shorts Festival courtesy of the very lovely Nimble Pictures.

I suppose I'll get some writing done at some stage.


Gareth Michael Turpie said...

What a busy little Nun you are, Sister E.

Good luck with the short and watch out for rogue Zombies/aliens/lasers at the event!

And, oh, yeah, just popped in to let you know the very cheap make your own short deal is now posted on mine.

Remember, it's Friday...

Elinor said...

Sheiky! Lovely to see you as always.

I am collaborating with such nice people on the short. I'm sure they've spoilt me for any other collaborations.
Never got to the sci-fi thing in the end (life intruded, as it tends to do!)

I'm coming over to yours for the cheap short deal.
Put the kettle on, there's a dear...

Near by said...

write, write!

Elinor said...

Oh FA, you're so 'write' See what i did there?

But seriously though, MUST. WRITE. MORE.