Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Art, philosophy, nudity and cake.

Well, I had a good one thank you for asking.

The daughter of darkness popped by to tell all about the party she attended on Saturday thrown by a gay friend, who, as part of his Philosphy and Art course threw a naked party at which the pretensions of civilisation would be stripped away with the clothes. Apparently.
Lest you think my first-born was steeped in debauchery, fret not. Nudity was optional. All the men were gay and nude and all the women were straight and clothed. The daught's contribution to the proceedings was the above cake. The party went very well. Ice was broken by informing all guests of your name, your star sign and your favourite fruit. Frankly, I'm glad she's getting out and about.
My mother, visiting my nieces in Birmingham texted me to say they were in a park and they'd just seen a party of Goths with a black rabbit on a lead. Sadly she doesn't have a camera phone.

So, I'm Elinor, my star sign is Pisces and my favourite fruit is the banana.

What did you get up to over bank holiday?


Unknown said...

Oh wow. Well, I mostly stayed in and waited for news of the outside world, so I'm glad to have found it on this blog.

I always think parties like that might be more interesting to read about than to attend, so thank goodness we are perhaps too old to be invited to such things.

Cake looks marvellous. Very artistic.

Helen Saggitarius Mango xx

Lucy V said...

Straight and clothed, sounds like my student days. Sadly.

Hope you had a good one you oldie!

Lucy, Leo, Grapefruit or maybe cranberry

Lianne said...

Yes I enjoyed reading about that but not sure I would have enjoyed being there!


Elinor said...

Morning all!

The way she told it, it actually sounded very camp and not at all sleazy. But I know what you mean.

Did you like the blog title? I knew the mention of cake would get people over here...

Near by said...

Yes was mention of cake that brought me over.

Far Away Aries Lychee

DraconianOne said...

The Cake Is A Lie

Bank Holiday: celebrating life-mates birthday, taking hatchling #1 to village fair for first go on roundabout, showing off hatchling #2 to assembled masses, not drinking nearly enough.

Tom/Aquarius/Dragon fruit.

Elinor said...

There's global Tom, Dragon fruit at the village fair!