Monday, 23 June 2008

Smack my pitch up

Many thanks to everyone who has voted for my pitch in the Movie Mogul Fund Cherry Bowl Competition. Especially Jason who was kind enough to blog about it.

I'M WITH CUPID has now dropped out of the running but if you should feel so inclined, there are still 9 days left to vote for it.

I thank you.


Near by said...

won't even let me login El. Tried 3 times now. Are they supposed to email you when you've registered?

DraconianOne said...

A shame: yours was so much better than many of those listed.

Elinor said...

Thanks Tom! Even I liked it and I HATE Rom Com.

FA, how strange! Yes, they do send you an e-mail but don't sweat it, life's too short. Thanks for trying.

Unknown said...

Hi there - shame your pitch has dropped out. Hope there's a last minute rush and it gets back in. I did sign-up and vote for it. Honest xx

Elinor said...

Helen you are a doll! xx