Friday, 13 June 2008

Some things for the weekend.

Lock and Load went to the theatre on Tuesday. Fat Pig written by Neil Labute, which was on at the Trafalgar Studios. I'd heard mixed reviews of this. A packed house, a party soundtrack and an excellent view ensured (along with a large glass of red!) that your reviewer was already feeling well-disposed.

As you would expect, it was well-written and didn't lose my attention once. The acting was excellent and the accents spot-on. Satisfyingly bleak but with many well-observed comic moments about male and female insecurities. It would be interesting to imagine a companion piece about a thin woman dating a plus-size bloke. Somehow, I feel one's work colleagues would take a less polarised view. Personally I favour the huskier gentleman.

Talking of ahem, the huskier gentleman, one featured in Steven Sheil's Mum And Dad, which I saw at Soho House on Wednesday evening. I heard about this film at a seminar held by Film London. The film was made under the auspices of the Microwave scheme whereby funding of £100, 000 and in-kind support was provided. This presents some challenges in terms of budget for a gory horror film but makes for more inventive strategies, I think. Mum And Dad wore it's budgetary constraints well. It's plain to see that Steven is passionate about horror. I won't say too much about it here as I shall post a fuller review on Napalm but it is a film that will stay with me. It boasts a truly ghastly Mum and Dad and is featured at The Edinburgh Film Festival. Not a penny wasted in my view.

And now, I must choose my tracks for Sheiky's meme.

Have a good weekend.

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