Friday, 4 July 2008


Darling ones,

Lock and Load is attending the Writing For Radio half-day run by the very excellent Script factory and also a workshop at the marvellous Soho Theatre called Handle with Care.

Anyone else going to these? If so, I shall see you there.
I shall report back in due course.

Thanking you.

UPDATE: just received prep work for the radio course, an adaptation of Metropolis!


Gareth Michael Turpie said...

Hi SuperNun!

Looking forward to your reports, especially the radio one, 'cos, as they say "Radio is writer-friendly"

Hope the courses as good as they sound!

Elinor said...

Hey Sheiky, hmm, someone on SP today was very down on the radio course so who knows? Doesn't matter, there's always something to be gleaned from a workshop.

Dave said...

I share Sheikspear's sentiments as I honestly believe radio is the best way for writers to break through therefore would love to hear your thoughts on the course.

I read the comments on SP as well but I think their negativity is misplaced. Everytime I've been to a presentation by BBC radio producer they have always been extremely positive about writers prospects and welcomed submissions.

Elinor said...

Thanks Dave, that's good to hear. I listen to so much radio I can't think why I haven't done a course like this before.