Thursday, 14 August 2008

Calling the Dream Detectives

Last night's was a doozy!
First my husband had the dining room artexed and cobbled but neglected to tell me. Then I met Jennifer Aniston on the bus to Bromley. She was complaining how she never got any decent acting roles, just the sub-Friends fluff. So there you go Helen, if you're looking for a cast...


Unknown said...

Oh my goodness! Sorry but I've only just picked this up. I'd like to confirm that our special dream time alarm system (i.e. google reader) is working properly but unfortunately I had to pop into town and have only just got back. Fellow detective Jessie Kirkels is not keen on computers and spent the day snoozing and snacking.

Anyway... we have to ask ourselves why these people turned up in your dreams at Nun With a Gun Productions Ltd last night and what they were trying to tell you. I suspect that your husband was merely trying to surprise and delight you with all that the artexing and cobbling. I infer from your report that you were rather lemon about it in the dream, feeling he shouldn't have done it without consulting you first. Perhaps you should make it up to him now in some way. A cup of tea, perhaps? Coffee?

A sighting of Jennifer Aniston on the bus to Bromley is an auspicious sign and means that all your film projects will continue to prosper - unless she was not looking for you but for your husband. Try to think. Did she have a B&Q bag in her lap? Chalky substances in her hair? Cobble chips in her shoes?

May I suggest that you keep your ingestion of cheese and spicy substances to a minimum until we can be absolutely sure of JA's intentions. You don't want to meet her on the bus coming back from Bromley with a smirk on her face.

Ooh. Our first case. How gratifying xxx

Elinor said...

Wise advice! Thank you Dream Detectives, I'm here all week...x