Friday, 1 August 2008

Lock and Load recommends...

...that you forget Dark Knight or even the new X-files movie! Grab yourself a bucket of popcorn the size of your head and go and see HELLBOY II. The rain held off, the food and drink flowed, John Hurt appeared on stage and there was even a message from Guillermo del Toro to wish everyone a good time at the people's premiere and to advise us that if we got bored, we could get up to no good under our blankets. Boasting fantastic production values, wisecracks, a very sexy villain and a fine sense of its own ridiculousness, Hellboy II kept up a cracking pace throughout. My only cavil is that the female characters didn't have quite as much fun as the males. But this gripe aside, I'll be at Somerset House next year for Hellboy III.

That is all.

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