Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Back in my lair!

Here at the Convent of Eternal Armament (Peckham chapter) my writing shed is closed for the summer and all creative endeavours move to the house. Now that the son is once more resentfully ensconced at school I can disappear to the end of the garden again. I seem to remember Potdoll meme-ing me about workspaces so here is a pic for your viewing pleasure.

And now, darling ones, it's been a little slice of heaven but I really must get on with some work. Once you've checked your e-mails, other blogs and had a quick faff round FaceBook, the day's gone! Happy writing.


Unknown said...

Happy writing to you, too.

Brendan O'Neill said...

I'm thinking of building an internet-less writing hut too. Have been for some time.Only trouble is I live in a 3rd floor flat. Nice to know there is such as a thing as the Convent of Eternal Armamanent. I always have the Beretta 9mm close at hand in case anyone evildoers need smiting.

Gave CPR to an old fellah who was lying dead at a bustop earlier today and managed to jump-start him so I'm feeling quite heroic and even holy!

Elinor said...

I say Brendan, well done! You are Lock and Load's hero - it's official.

potdoll said...

ooh you're just like Roald Dahl down the garden in a shed. very cool.