Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Overheard, oh well alright then, shamelessly eavesdropped...

Darling ones,

Lock And Load never fails to be amazed at the details people give out in the most mundane public situations.

This morning at our local postal sorting depot, I joined the queue to claim a parcel. In front of me was a youth and an older man with two huge dogs. He wanted his parcel but had lost his red card. He then took several minutes to rearrange delivery 'not Friday, I got probation then'. The postman then offered to deliver it to him personally before 11am! Oh, and did I mention he took a moment to serenade the (mostly) black queue with Elvis' 'In The Ghetto'? Blimey.

I collected my parcel, because sensibly I arranged my probation appointment for earlier in the week. It was the Penguin Dictionary Of Psychology which has not arrived a moment too soon.

What have you overheard recently?


Lucy V said...

Yesterday on the bus I was treated to a DELIGHTFUL conversation about what spunk tastes like, which went something along these lines:

"It's like what seawater smells of."

"Nah, man - it's like sucking 2p pieces, innit?"

Scariest of all - these were not teenage girls, they were at least my age, if not older (tho could just look older cos they was ruff as dogz, man - innit)

Elinor said...

Oooh Lucy, a Peckham moment but in Bournemouth.

Caroline said...

Took my daughter out for a birthday meal with the family last week. Next to us was a couple with a boy who must have been around 9 or 10. The couple bickered away all evening but the best (worst) line was mum to son, "Of course your dad wouldn't let me have any more children". Jeez. Son didn't reply, just giggled nervously. How awful is that.

Elinor said...

Caroline, you're so restrained! I would have asked her why...and probably got a smack in the gob for my pains.

Anonymous said...

Ewwww at Lucy.

I never hear any conversations. As soon as I step out of the door the voice in my head chanting "Horse" usually blocks out every other sound. Sometimes it gets so bad that I can be found walking along repeating the words myself.

I do get some funny looks from people.

Elinor said...

Oh Mr B you'd fit in SO well in my manor.