Monday, 10 November 2008

Please speak clearly after the heavenly choir...

Darling ones,

just a quick update as the rain lashes down upon the windows of the Convent Of Eternal Armament.

The Metlab funding for the script development of Just Desserts has been pulled. Oh well, sign of the times I guess but it does free me up to concentrate on whipping the Red Planet entry into shape.

Just signed a contract with my lovely director/animator Jason. He's moving to Australia this week but thanks to the power of the internet our collaboration remains undimmed by distance.

Lagging well behind with the NaNoWriMo but enjoying the luxury of words. This just in from 51 screenwriting tips:

"Write your script in terse screenplay style.
Condense your narrative into short, strong sentences.
If a novel is a stew, a screenplay is a reduced broth.
Keep dialogue pointed and sharp."
Elizabeth A. Stevens
From her article "No Contest! (Ten Faux
Pas of Screenwriting Contestants)"

I'm not arguing with that. Happy cooking everyone.


Unknown said...

Happy cooking indeed. Sorry to hear about the Metlab funding. What a shame.

Elinor said...

I know! Onwards and upwards.

Lara said...

Oh Elinor, sorry to hear about the funding. Crikey. Has all the funding been pulled then?

So where are you on NaNoWriMo? I have been searching for you in the author search to no avail. Add me as one of your buddies if you like...mwah. xxx

potdoll said...

bugger about Metlab. But I'm sure you'll still write it. x

Lara said...

Aha...found you at last on nanowrimo! And Potsy is right - you must still write it. x

Chip Smith said...

More commiserations!

Metlab John has been a little quiet recently, so I'll rattle his cage and see what he does. No doubt my Metlab effort is destined for the shredder as well ;-)

Rachael Howard said...

Sorry to hear about the funding Elinor. And I was looking forward to reading it so please keep going!

Elinor said...

Thanks for all the moral support, everyone. I shall indeed keep going.

Chip, John has registered his prodco with the beeb so is open to pitching projects, just not under Metlab any more.