Friday, 12 December 2008

Some things for the weekend

Darling ones,

Lock And Load has barely had time to reload her Kalashnikov this week, so busy has she been. I liked Slumdog Millionaire but it had the most pathetic love story at its heart that made me grit my teeth. The Oscar for the most thankless role for a woman goes to Freida Pinto as Latika IMHO.

Leave To Remain is almost ready to send out for feedback. I do believe I owe Chip's a read too. I put in a writing exercise for my counselling class that had the pretension to assert that the narrative of a script was a metaphor for the psychodynamic counselling process. No, really. If you're slightly interested, I shall post it on the Shaman blog.

Now here's a PAID opportunity for you laydeez out there. Come and be part of an Art installation in Bermondsey.

' 2nd - 9th January 2009.

Models required to be wrapped in tin-foil for an installation.
£80.00 per day from 10.30 am - 6 pm, lunch, refreshments included.
Must be available throughout the full production period.

Must be women between 1,60m - 1,70m tall. Hips should be wider than shoulders, otherwise it's duifficult to take the sculptures off. Working in rotation with other models, to make approxiamtely 200 sculptures.

Location Bermondsey SE16
Close to the mainline Bermondsey station and the tube. '

I've put my name down. Drop us a line and I'll pass on names and contact numbers to the very lovely Dominic who is helping to organise it.

This in from Karen at Initialize Films, if Lucy's post wasn't enough for you. They also run the Athena screenwriting initiative which I shall be applying for.

Initialize Films launched a new script reading service last week, and we are currently promoting our introductory deal of two reports for £80 (plus VAT). I would be very grateful if you would be able to mention the service and our December offer on your website. Here is a bit more info:

"International script consultants, Initialize Films, are launching a new reading service, with a unique focus on project marketing, alongside dedicated development analysis. Experienced UK and European readers will provide writers and producers with in-depth and up-to-date advice on the international marketplace, and the potential placement of their projects within it. The reports will also examine the strengths and weaknesses of each script both creatively and technically, looking at structure, characterisation, dialogue, pace and tone, etc., as well as offering constructive suggestions for development.
The service launched on 1st December. From 1st January a detailed 6-8 page report on a feature-length script will cost £70(plus VAT), but all writers/producers submitting scripts during December can take advantage of our special introductory offer of 2 reports for £80(plus VAT) – so don’t delay!"

Initialize Films is a training provider backed by Skillset, providing professional consultancy to film funds, producers, directors and screenwriters. If you would like any more info on the company please drop me an email, or check out our website

Many thanks,


Karen Steele
Development Coordinator
Initialize Films

Well, have a fab weekend. I'm off to watch Hellboy 2 on blu-ray.


Lauren Smith said...

Hello! That foil sculpture stuff sounds great, if u could pass on my details -

Elinor said...

Thanking you kindly, Lauren my dear. Will do.

Elinor said...
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