Monday, 26 January 2009

Guilty pleasure

Darling ones,

don't rush over, it's not THAT exciting.

I don't quite know why but I appear to developing a Country and Western script from someone else's first draft. I'm really enjoying it. There's something very liberating about NOT having to think up the original idea.

In other news: Justin Hustlin is nearly at the storyboarding stage. I'm rewriting Penny Dreadful as a radio script. It's very challenging to think in audio terms rather than visual. The editing course is going well and I'll post more fully when it's over. We get a script, read it and then get to feedback to the actual writer. Last week it was Clive Coleman, the writer of Spending My Inheritance and presenter of Law In Action and very dolly he was too.


Near by said...

all good El. I turned a drama into radio...can really re-focus the story

Elinor said...

You're absolutely right NB. Firing on all cylinders now.