Monday, 12 January 2009

Paid work

Darling ones,

I actually have some paid writing work! So of course I'm blogging about it rather than doing it.
Didn't get through to the Athena scheme. Never mind. More time for paid work.
I start tomorrow on the Script Editing course. Our mission (should we choose to accept it) is to read an episode of 'Shameless'.
Now that's what I call homework!


Tom Murphy said...

I did that course last summer - Andrew's a really good tutor and you should get quite a bit of interaction with the writers of the stuff you look at in the coming weeks.

Some of the class exercises are a bit daunting, but they certainly train you to think on your feet and defend your points of view.

The only problem I had was with the location at the London Welsh Centre - it took place in a tiny room with a salsa class going on below and a busy road outside.

Enjoy the course!

Elinor said...

Ooh that's good to hear Tom. Did it change the way you wrote and edited your own scripts?

potdoll said...

congrats on the paid writing gig Elinor! x

Lara said...

Well done, girlie! Enjoy the course - sounds really interesting. x

Elinor said...

Ta laydeez! I might just do a Winslet *giggle* xx

Tom Murphy said...

Hi again

Yeah, you do come away with a good toolkit of techniques for scrutinising your stuff. Some of it probably just consolidates stuff you were doing anyway, but it's still useful to draw it up into a more structured approach.