Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Script Editing

Darling ones,

I'm off for a short course in Script Editing courtesy of the lovely people at Euroscript.

What other short courses (of any writing persuasion) are you going on and what would you recommend?


Sally A said...

I haven't done one but from everything I've heard I would recommend the Arvon Foundation courses. They're phenomenal and taught by some of the best writers in the country. Plus they're residential so they're four and half days of pure intensity. Marvelous. I also did one of the Phil Parker courses at my local college in the middle of the Bedfordshire countryside. It was led by a writer called Paul Powell who was BAFTA nominated for his first script. It was something like £5 a session - bargain.

Any road up that's me two penny worth.

Elinor said...

Hello Sally, your two penn'orth is very welcome.

I hear loads of good things about Arvon. Oh the bliss of four days intensive writing! One day...

The script editing course is excellent. I'm learning lots. I'll post when the course is finished.