Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Script Editing with Euroscript

Darling ones,

I don't know about you but sometimes I think short intensive courses are worth their weight in gold.

I did a four week course recently with Euroscript and it was very good because it made you think on your feet and work hard. Just like in real life! It was very well organised, had a good venue in the The London Welsh Association and an excellent tutor in Andrew Clifford who kept the brisk pace going. Over the course of the four weeks, we looked at an early draft episode of Shameless, a treatment for a potential series 'The Law' by Clive Coleman, the writer of 'Spending My Inheritance', a first draft of very funny 'Intimate Apparel' by Robbie Morrison and an episode of Casualty.

As you might expect, there was reading to be done between each class. As there were only eight participants it was easy to get talking about the work and to come up with a consensus for what worked, what didn't and most crucially how things could be changed. We took it in turns to suggest ideas to Clive and Robbie! Though we were nervous about this, it was easier than we thought. Both authors were very receptive and neither stormed out in a prima donna tizzy.

Andrew gave us some very good handouts on all aspects of editing with plenty of practical examples to think about. Interestingly the one on structure mentioned the growing use of sequences including Chris Soth and the million dollar method.

Well worth the money in my opinion. Check out Euroscript here.

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