Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Tagged by Potdoll and Near By

"Fabulous fucking blog" for the challenged. I couldn't get blogger to upload the accompanying sweary pic.
Many thanks to Pots and NB for my award.

As part of my acceptance speech I would like to burble incoherently in the manner of Kate Winslet. Thank you.

Put the image on your blog
List 10 truths about yourself
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Provide meaningful quotation

10 truths...

I love walking fast.

I spend too much time in charity shops.

I get off on dental pain.

I'm good at funny voices.

I wish I could play bass guitar.

My obsession with you is no good for me (you know who you are...).

I can go into a trance at the drop of a hat.

I like being on my own, though I hardly ever am.

I once had an erotic dream about Rutger Hauer (as he was in The Hitcher)!

I never lie but always make the truth sound better than it is.

Meaningful quote... If self-doubt were parachute silk, I'd have enough for a pair of camiknickers for a canary.

Whoever you are, consider yourself tagged!


Near by said...

Go El!

Elinor said...

I blummin will!

potdoll said...

obsession? oooooooooooooooooh

Elinor said...

Just the one, mind.