Thursday, 9 April 2009

Voiceovers part 2

Darling ones,

well, what fun was had by Lock and Load yesterday at the Dairy! Dirty Denim and our lovely actors arrived, the sun was out and even the house cat took a shine to us, which was a good omen. Though that may have had something to do with the sushi... yes, there was sushi! And a lovely runner called Richard to get it for us! I had 'people'! How cool is that?

Our lovely voice actors kept us entertained. Jason Davis is just now in the latest Fast And Furious and Silas Hawkins was just about the best impressionist I've ever heard. Once we were done, local band The Thirst arrived. Impossibly tall, thin and good-looking, they very kindly re-dubbed their track 'Acre Lane' to 'Paper Lane' (to tie in with the cartoon!) Our lovely sound engineer, (another) Richard was helpfulness itself. Just as well, it was very much a learning curve for me and I feel I've been rather spoilt.

Have a fab Easter.

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