Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Raising your game

Darling ones,

Lock and Load seems to be in a holding pattern at the moment.

The promo for Justin Hustlin is nearing completion! All very exciting. I seem to be writing more shorts at the moment than anything else. One short will be part of a rehearsed reading at the Phoenix Theatre Hampstead in the autumn with actors and directors. For added terror, it will be held in front of an audience.

Another short is in development for production in August, hopefully. I was planning to attend the Raindance special with Richard Raskin but, as ever, real life intervened. There is another BAFTA bash on the 25th July all about shorts. This time I am going, by hook or by crook! It's on a Saturday and other members of the writing group will be there too. I will report back to you, the Convent of Eternal Armament.

Meanwhile, in the spirit of mutual support, if you have a spare fiver, please do consider donating to the production of Sister Lucy Vee's Slash or indeed tweetpledge Brother Danny Stack's Origin.

I am off tonight to see Nina Conti at the Soho Theatre. I have an idea for a short about a ventriloquist. I'll report back about that too. Should be good.

Thanking you.

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