Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Bafta Part two.

So, darling ones, where was I?

Oh yes, Justin then told us his opinions about what is happening NOW, right this minute. The trends are that:

- Budgets are more realistic.

- 2002 £15 million
- 2007 £2 million

And that means, boys and girls, that there is no loss of quality and a more money available when it sells! Hurrah!

Well, you'd think, except that right at this moment there are not many good reasons to film here as there are better financing packages in other countries. However you shouldn't do it for less for than £1 million if seeking co-production unless it is for sound creative reasons.

Canada or Australia will give you 40% before you start. The aforementioned rugged Manitoba will fork out a whopping 60% but there's not much in the way of local crew.


They are in some ways old-fashioned in Justin's opinion. They get paid first and they take up to 25% in commission but if they have the right experience they can be reliable.


A really good original soundtrack will sell the film too and it could be that the rights will be pre-purchased, thus generating extra revenue.

Thereafter my notes become rather incoherent so I stopped taking them in order to concentrate on the words of Stuart Urban who was certainly not shy of selling himself. He had an impressive body of work and was very au fait with the business side of selling films and seems to do a good deal of it himself, particularly for 'Preaching To The Perverted' which enjoys excellent DVD sales to this day.

And there we have it. I fled out into the tourist-thronged street, my head positively whirling! The whole Rushes shebang is definitely on my agenda for next year and I recommend it you, dear reader. At a mere £15 it seemed ridiculously good value.

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