Friday, 30 October 2009

Screenwriters' Festival -- 'Let's walk and talk, darling...'

Darling ones,

how you've missed me!

Lock And Load is pleased to say that she had a right good time at this year's SWF. Though at three days she was a tad tired and emotional towards the end. Some excellent seminars (notes upon which I will expound in the fullness of time). Met up with several bloggers in the flesh and some new people too. Marvellous. I shall certainly be going next year but just for the two days, methinks.

Stayed at The Wyastone Hotel with your own, your very own Lucy Vee. Note to anyone who finds networking difficult: I really didn't think it was as it mainly consisted of standing in the Queen's Hotel bar talking business and occasionally utter balls. How hard is that?

If there's a theme to my blogposts about SWF, I'd have to say it was RELATIONSHIPS. So hold that thought...

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