Tuesday, 4 May 2010


Yes, darling ones, Lock and Load has been tagged by the very lovely Sister Lucy Bang2write in a rather nifty meme whereby I must recall the film or TV series that made me want to write.

'What single film or TV programme at some point in your life made you a) understand the filmmaking process and b) influence your own style of writing? [Then tag three people and reprint these instructions].'

It's hard to think how this desire first coalesced but I do remember being absolutely gripped by the series Edge Of Darkness. It had everything. A grieving father, a ghostly activist daughter, the enigmatic Zoe Wanamaker, a barnstorming performance by Joe Don Baker as Darius Jedburgh plus conspiracy, intrigue and, my personal favourite, a kind of transcendence in the end, which is something I often put in my own writing. I won't go and see the film version. They didn't have the courage to get Mel Gibson to kiss that vibrator.

I think it's a prime example of show don't tell using the trains rumbling in the middle of the night and the haunting guitar music.

So, who shall I tag? Yes, yes, stop jumping up and down, put your hands down now. I tag...

Jon Peacey, Helen Smith and last but not least, Chip Smith.

That is all.

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