Monday, 30 August 2010

Update: The road to hell... paved with good intentions isn't it, darling ones? In my case, interdental brushes but that's another story.

I really must keep this blog updated more regularly. Not just for you my dear readers, though I know how you hang on my every word, but for myself, to crystallise my thoughts and move projects on.

So to recap:
Current projects:
Justin Hustlin - finishing touches.
Late Harvest - Third Draft.
One low-budget feature, Remission, on the go for the very lovely Zahra Zomorrodian of FNA films. The call is open till December so get weaving!
Another project about graffiti artists, oh the list is endless, which is part of the problem. Focus is what's needed here.

Meanwhile, a new look to the blog, which I rather like (and wish my house looked like), and a trailer for the harrowing City Of Life And Death which I am reviewing for Napalm as we speak.

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