Monday, 6 September 2010

The creative process

I have decided, darling ones, that the process of writing is what has really hooked me. In a weird sort of way, I almost don't care that much about the finished product. Or maybe I will, if anyone actually buys anything I write. But until then, I shall keep writing. If you write then it's like leading a strange double life. One populated with characters that only you know. I must say I find it very sustaining. It is a life particularly suited to that of a carer, since, as we don't go out much, the boy and I, the world comes to me.

I retrained recently as a TEFL teacher. The plan (yes, I have a plan!) is that I will make a bit of money doing that and concentrate on the process of writing, whether or not I get paid.

I'm going to check out The Phoenix Arts Club on the 13th. I'll report back.

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Rachael Howard said...

Hi Elinor.

Yep, that writing thing is definitely addictive. Maybe it should carry a health warning. Beware - extended use could damage your ability to walk through a crowd without repeated stopping to scribbled down notes.