Thursday, 22 November 2012


Darling ones,

I got myself down to the Ritzy in Brixton where the queues were massive. So massive that an assistant was shouting 'we've only got one ticket left for 'Amour'!'

I went upstairs to the bar where the esteemed Underwire Festival was having a joint launch of a Female Film Journalism prize with Sight & Sound magazine. You may remember I used to review films for the now sadly defunct Smell of Napalm website. I rather miss it. Film reviewing, even on a voluntary basis, meant a cheap night out in London AND I got see films that I might not ordinarily have chosen to pay to see. I also discovered that it was much easier to write a scathing review than a gushing one. Better to have the irony button firmly depressed in both cases!

Any road up the reserved area of the bar quickly filled up with female film reviewers and makers, which was very heartening and the competition was launched.

'We're inviting entrants to send us a piece of factual film reporting of up to 1,000 words - be it an interview with a film craftsperson, a report from a film shoot, festival or special screening...' Deadline for entries is 5th April 2013 and the prize is publication in the S & S plus future reporting assignments.

All further details on the website.

Any queries: email journalistsubmissions *at*

I'll certainly be entering. I hope all you budding female film journalists will be too.

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