Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Review: The Films of Pixar Animation Studio by James Clarke

Darling ones,

what leapt out at me about this book was the desire it inspired in me to GO AND WATCH ALL THE FILMS AGAIN! Well, perhaps not 'Cars' or Cars 2', if I'm honest, but certainly the rest of them. I think this is a book that will appeal to the film and animation student looking for research material as well as a more casual reader, and there's nothing wrong with that. I liked the historical approach and the way Clarke places Pixar in a very particular cultural context. Brad Bird fans will not be disappointed! Refreshing too, to see animation taken so seriously, in an age where cartoons are often dismissed as 'just for kids'. The enthusiasm of the author shines through the prose, making this a very accessible addition to my bookshelf.

Right, I'm off to watch 'A Bug's Life'...

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Unknown said...

I didn't care for Cars or The Incredibles but adore Monsters Inc and Monsters University. See Pixar's 22 rules of story telling for interesting insight on their approach. http://io9.com/5916970/the-22-rules-of-storytelling-according-to-pixar