Monday, 29 September 2014

REVIEW: ‘Writing for Television Series, Serials and Soaps’ by Yvonne Grace

Those of you who have the good sense to follow Yvonne’s Script Advice page on Facebook or to consult her as editor for your own work, will be familiar with her resolutely upbeat style. Yvonne tells it like it is, cutting to the chase to give you the skinny; Yes, it will be hard work, but put your precious ego to one side and get with the programme (pun intended) – it’s all about collaboration and teamwork! It’s about the script being the best it can possibly be, and that hinges upon how well you can take notes and deliver to a tight deadline. Most fascinatingly, Yvonne writes about her own early experiences in TV, as a script editor on Eastenders, working with writers at the BBC, storylining, working on Holby City and producing. Yvonne’s not shy of sharing the highs and lows and that’s what makes this book such a pleasure to read; her openness, humour and practicality debunks a lot of the mysticism that seems to surround the art and craft of screenwriting.

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