Monday, 27 June 2016

Not enough hours in the day...

Darling ones,

I am happily involved in several projects at the moment:

Reading and editing for the Twisted 50 project. Got a horror story for the next book? Time to get re-writing!

Writing, proofing, editing and frankly, eating and drinking, for new listings magazine SEEN.

Plotting a low-budget horror script with our very own Lucy V Hay.

The Forgotten Women anthology (in which I have a tale) is published this July 1st. If you lke dystopian sci-fi, then this may be for you.

If there's one difference between what I'm doing now compared to this time last year, it's that I am working in COLLABORATION with others. I must say I enjoy it more than I did when trying to get my own projects off the ground. Which is not to say that I DON'T like being alone. I do. I've always been good with my own company; you have to be if you write.

1. Talk to other writers. If you like the same films or books then it's odds on that you can write together.
2. Always be willing to slaughter your darlings if it favours the story.
3. Play to your strengths within the partnership. They'll complement each other.
4. Always give/receive feedback in a constructive manner.
5. Be open to the experience. You'll learn loads.


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