Saturday, 28 April 2018

Review of ‘Everybody Works in Sales’ by Niraj Kapur

Two things stand out about this book: one, the excellent advice on the noble art of selling, and two, the unique journey that the author has been on to bring us this book. I do enjoy a book that not only expounds knowledgeably on its subject but also gives us a flavour of the world and experience of the writer.

Niraj Kapur
occupies a very interesting position in the modern world. Of Indian extraction, he was raised in Northern Ireland and schooled in an atmosphere of bigotry. He moved to London to pursue his career, so the tips on selling are interspersed with observations about his particular experiences in school and work. But lest you worry that this is going to be a relentlessly positive 'how I overcame adversity to be who I am today' sort of tome, take comfort from the section of the book where Niraj examines bad business practice and ruthlessly dissects the sometimes poisonous dynamic that can infiltrate the upper echelons of management, resulting in those who are 'managed' being overlooked, demoted and leaving from frustration. Niraj sensibly gives vent to his experience of this but draws a positive from it for us, the readers.

This book then, serves as a 'what I wish I knew when I was younger' manual. Niraj draws on his extensive work in publishing, advertising and shipping and boils it down to this: we are all in sales, whether we sell our wares, services or even propose what's for tea for the kids. Niraj wants us to tap into this often-unacknowledged talent that may be quite sublimated in many of us. What is it about the idea of 'sales' that puts us Brits off exactly? The Americans have no problem with it as a perfectly respectable occupation. Look at who's in the White House right now. Hasn't Trump sold the American electorate an idea of themselves and the changes that might be possible under his leadership? Of course, politicians do that here too, but we don't call it salesmanship.

Containing 27 valuable lessons, plus 17 interviews with experts, Everybody Works in Sales combines unique storytelling and personal development to ensure you have the tools you need to do better in your career.

I think we're going to have to up our game in a post-industrial world where we in the West are such huge consumers. With everyone on Social Media, entrepreneurs, Mumpreneurs, Specialpreneurs would benefit from the approach laid out by Niraj in this excellent book. Not only that, those who are not in sales might also gain from reading it: teachers, parents etc. The one thing that resounded for me is that so much of selling your service is about managing people's expectations and about fostering good relationships, as well as the product or service that you're trying to generate income with.

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