Proofreading now available!

Yes darling ones, here's how it works...

you submit your novel, novella, essay, dissertation or short story in .doc, .docx or .pdf and your deadline date, pay me 75p per page via paypal and I shall return to you a PDF with annotations to help you correct your original or a .doc/.docx with annotations to change as you wish, plus a 'clean' copy, with all changes made.

Scripts (PDF) - 55p per page.
Basic proofing (typos and grammar) - 85p per page

If you want a proofread and a more substantial line edit it's £1.50 per page.

Feel free to contact me to discuss your requirements: elinor.perrysmith *at*
I look forward to reading your work.



Graham Oakman said...
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Sarah Ava said...

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