Saturday, 17 May 2008

Houston, we have a problem...

...or rather my lovely friend Silvia does.

She wants to write a scene where the page and therefore the sequence is split into two a la Kill Bill.

Can this be done in Final Draft? If not, does any other software allow for this?

Over to you.


Lucy V said...

Why doesn't she just use INTERCUT? Looks like this:


Lucy types on her laptop, sends an email.

Tell her to use intercut.

Elinor reclines on her large waterbed, cocktail in hand, her feet rubbed by a gorgeous naked man.

I haven't got time to read my emails, can't you see the stud at my feet?

Anything else in a spec will smell of DIRECTING FROM THE PAGE since it's up to the prodco to decide how it's gonna look; it's Silvia's job to tell the story.

Hope that helps!

Elinor said...

Fantastic Luce! LOL AND you've just grossed out the teenagers that I read that to...result!

Loving your work dahlink, my people will call your people etc... xx

Rachael Howard said...
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Rachael Howard said...

Ooops. Surreal message deleted. Too many people using similar names on comments.

Going to lie down now and give my brain a rest.

Near by said...

hi El
pop across...

Elinor said...

Rach, I think a large glass of something is required...

FA, I'm on me way.

Unknown said...

it can be done pretty easily in after effects.

Elinor said...

After effects Jason? Pray tell...