Friday, 2 September 2011

Note To Self.

Darling ones,

not really a note to myself, oh alright yes it is then!

Sad to say I won't be going to this year's London Screenwriters' Festival as I shall be recently returned from a trip abroad (to be with my husband, who has been working like a Trojan out there all summer, pretty much). I hate flying. I'll do it, but I hate it. And I do believe that even the modern church encourages married couples to spend time together.

In other news I am editing a novel I've had on the go in one form or another for ten years, so it really is time to bring that to a close. Penny Dreadful is just about done for now, I reckon. Ideally I'd like it to become a graphic novel. There were whispers of this in the Spring but things have gone quiet for now, which is often the way so I'm not losing heart just yet.

I have more ideas for another feature. This time, set in the dark ages. I'm taking a different approach to getting the story down, in that I'm scribbling scenes on card as they come to me. I have just attended Off The Page in Soho; a rigorous yet constructive writers' group in Soho, dahlinks. I'll be asking their feedback for a theatre piece of mine at the next meet-up, hopefully.

I was at the hairdressers' yesterday when a fully-formed idea popped into my mind. A low-budget short! Watch this space...

I watched Valhalla Rising and couldn't really decide whether it was a breathtaking piece of work or just unbelievably pretentious. Possibly both.

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