Rocliffe Notes - A Professional Approach For Screenwriters

Darling ones,

this excellent book is slightly different to its fellows in the Creative Essentials canon in that Farah Abushwesha has included many words of wisdom from eminent people in the film industry. In this way the book acts (certainly for me) as a go-to manual when I'm stuck on anything. As Farah says in the introduction, her book is a compendium of the many different routes a writer or writer-director might take to get into the film industry.
I also liked reading about Farah's own journey as a writer/producer. Her down to earth, humorous approach to the process of finding yourself as a writer is a million miles away from more mystical tomes on the subject. To say that the book is exhaustive is an understatement! From ideas to creating an online presence to understanding the festival process - it's all here. Anyone who has had the pleasure of meeting her in her official capacity at the Bafta Rocliffe New Writing Forum will recognise her style. Informal in tone but also bang on the money in terms of the reality of film, what is also clear is her passion for writing and writers. An indispensable addition to the writer's bookshelf.


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