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REVIEW: Gorilla by Christine Hamm

        'The world of Christine Hamm’s Gorilla is both fanciful and treacherous.   In these sharp, vivid prose poems, women and girls’ bodies are under threat, as men break into houses, animals trespass into bedrooms and fathers betray daughters.   Language in this collection shocks and startles. Each poem is a surprise. A   horse eats a woman’s hair. A cat drags a movie star into a woman’s bed. A dog is transformed into a woman in a garden. A winged baby flies to the ceiling. At every turn, Hamm’s imagination thrills and delights.' Nicole Cooley, Author of The Afflicted Girls BUY THE BOOK AMAZON UK     MY REVIEW:   What an amazing collection this is! I just love poetry that creates the world it inhabits, yet this world is so recognisable. Think of the awful things that can happen to a woman, yet they don't arrest our attention until the assailants turn into animals. Transformative and transgressive, it's a frightening depiction of how violence against women i

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